Short film

If you click here, you will see a film of appr. 5 min with in short the whole history since 1969/1970.

History of the magazine

Sjofar, Gospel Music Magazine, Music & Art, Signs

History of BV Continental Sound

Books, CD’s, Expression

History of Disciple

History of Christian Artists

History of Association CA/CNV Kunst & Cultuur

History activities in communistic Eastern Europe

It started with the Continentals

20 years jubilee

In 1989 was the celebration of 20 years jubilee of Continental Sound with a great show of Christian artists in De Doelen, concert-building of Rotterdam:


Prime minister Jan Peter Balkenende (Netherlands) about the Continentals

40 years Continentals, Young Continentals and Continental Kids

April 10 2010, location De Pijler, Lelystad, The Netherlands

History per chapter

Chapter 1: First impressions
Chapter 2: About us
Chapter 3: How it all began
Chapter 4: Growth
Chapter 5: Facing bankruptcy
Chapter 6: The bankmanager
Chapter 7: Crossing the culture barrier
Chapter 8: The beginning of a new era
Chapter 9: Ria’s change
Chapter 10: 1982, Financial crisis again
Chapter 11: The fools of God
Chapter 12: Gods time is not our time
Chapter 13: Silence and a new era
Chapter 14: Looking back
Chapter 15: God’s ways are always new
Chapter 16: The Euro-Conti’s saga
The first European International Continental tour 1986

Chapter 17: we go East
Chapter 18: How we move on
Chapter 19: Count your blessings
Chapter 20: Respect
Chapter 21: Facts and Figures
Chapter 22: What happened after 2005
Chapter 23: Projects per year