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News 2023 about The Continentals

A lot happened this year in ‘Continental country’: auditions, recordings, preparations for new tours: Where the Slovak Continentals will perform, you can find on:
Info about the Hungarian Continentals:
All bout the Romanian Continentals you find it on:

NEW CONTINENTAL SINGERS CD: JESUS VICTOR. You can order now, so you support the ministry

We have worked 2 years for the release of this album, delay by corona. This album is a new total concept album about Jesus being THE VICTOR, being the foundation of our faith and salvation.
Almost all the songs have been composed by Stein Jonassen, a Norwegian composer, who wrote for the Continentals before (see the album Standing on the Rock). The last song of the album is Jesus Victorious, composed by the well known dutch composer Kees Kraayenoord. This album is ranging from hymn to pop-rock and has 14 NEW and very touching songs:

1.The Light. 2. All for the Kingdom. 3. Just like this. 4. Everything in you. 5. Forgiven 6. Hymn. 7. Who I am in your eyes. 8. This love of yours. 9. I just need more. 10. Amazing grace. 11. Jesus my Jesus. 12. Vitae Dios. 13. You know me by your name. 14. Jesus Victorious.

This album (Euro 15) can now be ordered via our own webshop WWW.CONTINENTALWEBSHOP.EU (button Continental). With your order you support ministry of the Continentals, again on tour in central and eastern Europe this summer.

Thanks for your support

Leen en Ria La Rivière, founders van The Continentals


Dear friend,

International Masterclass Cultural Leadership

Early september I start again a masterclass Cultural Leadership, a great course to develop leadership qualities in the arts and culture. More info and registration via:
You can follow this masterclass in English, Francais and Deutsch.
Below more info about great activities you can visit.
I wish you a blessed summer.
Leen La Rivière, chairman CS and CA
00 31 6 51384805

The Continentals are on tour in:

Hungary: all info on:

France: New Gospel Family tour in France

Great Black Gospel
MONTELIMAR (26) - 23 juli
CARPENTRAS (84) - 24 juli
AIX EN PROVENCE (13) - 25 juli
BRIGNOLES (83) - 26 juli
HYERES (83) - 27 juli
LA GARDE (83) - 28 juli
SAINT-RAPHAEL (83) - 29 juli
BAGNOLS SUR CEZE (30) - 30 juli
PARAY LE MONIAL (71) - 31 juli.

Verdere informatie op:

Sweden: International Christian Dance Conference, August 2-7, 2022

For thirty years, dancers from around the world have gathered every third year for a week of fellowship, worship, and workshops.
With joy and expectation, Psalto The Christian Dance Fellowship of Scandinavia now invites you to the International Christian Dance Conference at Gullbrannagården, Sweden, August 2-7, 2022.
We offer parallel workshops with world-class teachers in everything from jazz, modern, ballet and hip hop to banners, healing, missions and more. Special tracks cater for young upcoming dance leaders, and for children. Evening celebrations feature countries, teachers, and communal dance.
From Copenhagen or Gothenburg airports, take a train to Halmstad. Then a local bus to the venue. Train plus bus costs around EUR 33 - 40.
Conference price: EUR 490, which includes everything: food, lodging, workshops, a dance concert night and an outreach day. Early-bird discount until April 1st.
Find out more at And this is a teaser-video:
Conference app: Who else is coming? And from your country? Find out on the conference app. Connect and start preparing your contribution for the Country Night. It is a good idea to get used to it well ahead of time. In your smartphone App Store or Google play, search for Whova. Download the app. Open it and search for “International” and be kept up to date with all information related to the conference. You should be able to sign up as soon as you have registered. If you struggle, please email Patrik at

Austria: ArtCross Festival August 5th - 6th 2022

[main language German] in Marchtrenk
FRIDAY 19:30 → inspiration, jazz, fingerfood, fun & fellowship
SATURDAY 9:30 – 12:30 and 14:30 – 18:00 → workshop (1 out of 5)

  1. Calligraphy By Günther Matern
  2. Storytelling By Eric Wehrlin
  3. I Am Beautiful! By Eva-Maria Admiral
  4. Livestream-Coaching & creative Online-Productions By Georg Schuster & team
  5. Praise Moves By Àgnes Maierhofer: The Christian Alternative to Yoga is to help you become a Fit Witness for Christ in spirit, soul AND body.

19:30 Mime Show CARLOS MARTÌNEZ – celebrating his 40 years on stage with his new show VITAMIMO. An evening full of humour, poetry and memories…
Lokatie: TRENK.S in Austria
Registration and costs: EUR 60,00 package (two evening tickets plus workshop fee) Go to:

England: Organisation: All Nations Christian College, London UK

Name and Date: Arts for a Better Future 10-15th July 2022
Content: The course will lead you through a seven stage process of researching and creating local arts with a community. The flexible process is designed so that you can help others draw on their own artistic resources and plan for a future more like God’s kingdom. We will give you a chance to immediately apply what you’ve learned. There will also be opportunities to learn about further study and networks in the arts and mission.
Residential rate: £395 per person
Non-residential rate: £320 per person

Switzerland: Ad Deum
Summer Dance Intensive week in Biel, hosted by Youth With A Mission, Wiler

It’s an awesome time of meeting other Believer dancers from various places in Europe. There are appropriate levels for all dancers: beginning, intermediate, and advanced/professional. Daily Classes are held in ballet, modern/contemporary, jazz, African, worship dance, choreography sessions, and a performance showcase and an evening concert with my company Ad Deum.
The dates are Aug 7-13. Here is the registration link:


International Masterclass Cultural Leadership

At the moment the most important activity is the International Masterclass Cultural Leadership by chairman Leen La Rivière. An online course starting each year at september 1 and at january 1, the course duration is 24 weeks, workload one evening per week, you can apply via

All summertours of every Continental tour in Europe of this year 2020 has been cancelled due to the corona crises. No tours in western Europe, Hungary, Slovakia and Romania… We hope and pray new tours will be possible in 2021, we keep you informed.


The Glory of Easter

Early March a NEW CD was released: A special theme production: about EASTER.

In 19 songs the major moments from good Friday till the days after the resurrection are recorded in very well know songs of The Continentals.

This CD will cost 10 Euro. Producer: Leen La Rivière/Continental Sound. Distribution: Ecovata. There is as well a SONGBOOK with the mentioned songs.

Continental Ministries Europe; 0031 6 51384805

The titels on this CD:

  1. Tell me the story of Jesus
  2. This little child
  3. Thy word/Shine
  4. Light Finale
  5. He’s the word
  6. Let us break bread together
  7. Testify to love
  8. I was born for this
  9. God and God alone
  10. Mighty fortress
  11. Communion song
  12. The victor
  13. Resurrection power
  14. He’s alive
  15. The traveller
  16. See the hands
  17. Hope of the world
  18. Glory
  19. Grace be with you


The summer concerts of the Continentals

Continentals in The Netherlands
In 1969/1970 Leen La Rivière started withThe Continentals….
That is the reason for a jubilee tour: 50 years of ministry
On 22, 29 and 30 June 2019:
‘A Tribute to The Continentals, back to the 80's......
22 juni: Veenendaal – de Basiliek 20.00
29 juni Zwolle-Verrijzeniskerk 20.00
30 juni Cappelle ad IJssel- Insala Theater 14.30 Tickets cost €17,- incl. € 2,- reservationcosts.
You can reserve via or
We hope to see you on one of these concerts!

The summer tours of the ROMANIAN CONTINENTALS
1. Conti Kids Romania-North 28 June - 7 July
2. Conti Kids Romania-Center 28 June - 7 July
3. Continental 17+, Moldavia 24 July - 4 August
4. Continental 17+, USA, 20 August - 15 September
5. Young Conti, Romania North-Est , 26 August - 8 September
6. Young Conti, Romania Vest, 26 August - 8 September
Concert details can be found on the web-site
If you go on holiday to Romania or Moldavia you are most welcome to visit
Mocht je dus op vakantie gaan naar Roemenië of Moldavië, dan ben je van harte welkom.

The summer concerts of the YOUNG CONTINENTALS HUNGARY
20 juli Miskolc
21 juli Gávavencsellő
22 juli Abaújvár
23 juli Tiszabecs
24 juli Nyírbátor
25 juli Komarno/Slovakia
26 juli Kiskőrös
27 juli Cegléd
28 juli Kecskemét
29 juli Súr
30 juli Szigetszentmiklós
31 juli Sajókeresztúr

The summer concerts of CONTINENTALS HUNGARY
12 aug Miskolc
13 aug Sajószentpéter
14 aug Ózd
15 aug Tiszakerecseny
16 aug Békéscsaba
17 aug Kalocsa
18 aug Őrbottyán
19 aug Kecel
20 aug Edelény
21 aug Szirmabesenyő
Concert details can be found on the Website:
Note: most concerts start at 18.00, sometimes at 19.00

In july is the rehearsal camp of the Continental Kids and a concert on 13 July in Bratislawa. Followed by a concert each month. All information can be found on:

Celebration: 50 year the CONTINENTALS

On June 22,29 and 30, 2019 will be a special TRIBUTE TOUR to celebrate 50 years of The Continentals, called: ‘back to the 80-ties’. Ticket sales has just started.

22 June: Veenendaal – de Basiliek
29 June: Zwolle – Verrijzeniskerk
30 June: Capelle a/d IJssel – Insala Theatre

All concerts go by ticket reservation, via
Tickets costs € 17,-, including € 2,-.



Thanks to the great interest of top-artists, teachers and speakers to contribute to the upcoming Christian Artists Siminar (July 29 – August 2), CA 2018 will bring a great programme! There will be great contributions too of young top-talents. Do not miss this  unique event! 15% DISCOUNT till may….  !!!!Confirmed artists/teachers/speakersMarijke Bolt (sculpture,NL), Esther Hannah Burger- Hucks (piano, Germany), Didi Companjen (worship,NL), Hannah Clair (vocal class, France), Didi Companjen (worship, NL), Noiie Daval ( fine arts, France), Jan Willi van Delft (piano, NL), Gerdien van Delft-Rebel ( fine arts, NL), Wiebe van Dingen (fine arts, NL), Paul Donders (speaker, NL), Klaus Andre Eickhoff (singer-songwriter, Germany), Paul van der Feen(musician, Nl), Jill Ford (theatre, Uk), Torsten Harder (musician, Germany), Werner Hucks (musician, Germany), Marta Jakobovits(clay-3D, Romania), Birgit Juch & AVIV dance company (dance, Nl), Tobias Kerkhoven (E-guitar machinist, Nl), Natael Kerkhoven (MC and singer, Nl), Chesron Ledes (CA-gospel choir, NL), Dr.Lasma Dobele Licite(lector, Latvia), Teddy Liho (presentation skills, Bulgaria), Aron de Lijster (basguitar, Nl), Arend Maatkamp (graffitti art, computerwork, Nl), Maria Markesini (singer, Greece), Corentin Martinez(drums, France), Talitha Nawijn (vocal coach, Nl), Thomas Nöttling (piano, Austria), Jeanine Noyes (singer-songwriter, Canada), Nikos Papadogiorgos (composer, Greece), Angelique Petit (mime, France), Arthur Pirenne (clowning, Nl),Jan Willi Plutschouw(clown, Nl), Dr.Evert van de Poll (speaker, France), Reijer (singer-songwriter, NL),  Rivelino Rigters (urban music, Nl), Leen & Ria La Rivière (speakers, Nl), Jonathan Romppel (keyboards, Germany-USA), Prof.Ward Roofthooft (lector, Belgium),  Alexandra Smith (speaker and storytelling, Nl), Peter S.Smith (drawing, Uk), Thea Soltau (performing arts, acting, Uk), Vicky Stanley (theatre, UK),  Dr.Geoffrey Stevenson (lector communication, UK), Judith Stevenson (writing, UK),  Renske van Twillert (printmaking, Nl), Damaris Veenman-Verduijn ( dance, Spain), Jenny Verplanke(painting, Belgium),  Heike Wetzel (flute, Germany), Paul Yates (photography, Germany), Elly Zuiderveld (singer-coach, Nl)… And participation of 12 special young top talents: Maryam Al-Baghdadi (CH), Dywel Braaf (Nl), Michel Crier (Germany), Dorottya Csokasi (Hungary), imely Hansen (Nl), Jonathan Harder (Germany), DJ Flubbel (Nl), Sjoukje Minkia (Nl), Simone Naomi Pansa (Nl), Jolina Raible (Germany), iely Sewerinow (Germany), Viktor Sewerinow (Germany), Maria Viftrup Cramer (Denmark). Siminar language is English, all plenums will be translated into FRENCH and GERMAN.

celebrated 20 years anniversary

On Saturday March 3, 2018 Continental Ministries Romania celebrated their 20 years anniversary in a packed theatre in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. A great programm was presented and many Continentals from over the years were present. Leen La Rivière and Marinus den Harder (from the European umbrella organization) were present and presented a special award to executive director Iosif Catuna for the great achievements of Continentals Romania. Special guests were Cam Floria and Jim Schmidt from Continentals USA. Romania tours visit Romanian churches all over Europe and the USA.


celebrated 20 years anniversary

On november 25, 2017 Continentals Slovakia celebrated their 20 years anniversary in the sold out musical theatre of Bratislawa, Slovakia. Leen and Ria La Rivière (from the European umbrella organization) were present and gave a special award to executive director Iveta Viskupova-Weiss for her incredible leadership over all those years. Performing were: Continental Kids, Young Continentals, the Sloval Continentals and the New Hope Singers.


Finally, it has been released. There was some delay as the producer Leen La Rivière was ill. It is a unique production.: a collection of all the A Cappella Songs the Continentals ever did (from the beginning in 1965 till today). And the result is incredible: a great production. Everybody will enjoy listening to it. When you close your eyes, you feel yourself in one of Europe’s great cathedrals, the sunlight come through the stainglass windows. You are there with a lot of people and you listen to these breathtaken compositions. And so it happened in real time in the great cathedrals of Poland in the eighties… The CD has 13 songs:

  1. Holy, Holy, Holy (original Helig, helig). Text + Music: Ingemar Olsson.
  2. When I survey. Text: Isaac Watts; Music: Hugh Wilson. Arr.: Cam Floria.
  3. Agnus Dei. Text + Music: M.W.Smith.
  4. Grace on grace. Text + Music: Don Francisco. ©Crack O’Noon music/Small Stone Media
  5. Almighty, most Holy God. Text + Music: Wayne Watson.
  6. Mighty Spirit. Text + Music: J.Olds.
  7. O, for a thousand tongues. Text + Music: Bonnie Deuschle.
  8. Whiter than snow. Text + Music: Nicholson/PD; Arr. Ralph Carmichael.
  9. A quiet place. Text + Music: Ralph Carmichael.
  10. What a friend we have in Jesus. Text + Music: Charles Converse. Arr. Cam Floria.
  11. Deep River. Text + Music: PD; Arr. Kurt Kaiser.
  12. Wasn’t that wonder. Text + Music: PD; arr.Barker.
  13. Break Thou the bread of life. Text + Music: Sherwin; arr. Cam Floria.

The most recent song is number one, the oldest song is number 13. With great care were the old recordings digitalised and edited. This all happened in the Groovity Studio in Amersfoort by Wilkin de Vlieger. A SONGBOOK is available of this CD. Price: CD 10 Euro, Songbook 10 Euro. You can order via Continental Sound: (via plus shipping costs. This is a unique masterpiece and a tremendous blessing. Labelnumber: Free 3119.


Looking back and looking forward
per 31 december 2015

This last year was busy to handle the bankruptcy of Continentals.NL. It could have been avoided if that board and director would have accepted offered help. This sad news was like a bomb in the lives of so many who have toured. But the good news is that the European network of Continentals still exist and groups in other parts of Europe are doing extremely well. We all enjoy Gods blessings. With joy the new CD’s could be launched. The CD of Continentals got even the award for best album!!!. Another activity bringing lots of blessings was the Christian Artists Seminar where we discussed how we can fight the growing unemployment in the arts/culture. Outcome is that whatever circumstances may be, we HAVE a biblical cultural mandate and we should always keep developing our gifts, as both will bring glory to God and i twill have meaning in society. DONATIONS are important to keep the Ministry of Continental Sound/Christian Artists going. Donations are welcome on: ING NL03INGB0002252888 (BIC: INGBNL2A) of Stichting Continental Sound. Only with your help and support (prayers and donations) we can realise the plans for 2016: bringing out new programs for Continentals, Young Continentals and Continental Kids, the new International Christian Artists Seminar (July 30 – august 5) and that will be a jubilee: the 35th time. At this CA will happen a special program for youth. More on So please continue to support us!

With the best wishes for 2016,
Leen & Ria La Rivière


On november 12, the new album ‘Worship the great I AM’ of the Continentals received a Silver Dove AWARD from the christian music industry of The Netherlands in the category best album groups and choirs. The producer of this album was Leen La Rivière.
On the picture Leen receives the award from a member of the jury.


On August 31 the news was released that the new album of THE CONTINENTALS: Worship the great I AM has been nominated for the silver dove award in the category best album choirs/groups. And the new album of the CONTINENTAL KIDS: Op weg met die grote God is Licht en leven has been nominated in the category best album childrens music. Producer of both CD’s: Leen La Riviere.The awards are given by the christian music and media industry of the Netherlands, more on The winners are celebrated in a mass event on nov.12.

2014 - 2013

but Continentals remain to exist

Continental Ministries Europe received a note from the board of (leadership Rob de Jong) that they have filed for bankruptcy. Incoming money dropted so much over the last year that salaries, rent and other costs no longer were able to pay, so debts were piling up. CME regrets this situation very much.
This situation has no effect on the other Continental organizations, their ministries move on. These organizations are: Continental Ministries Europe, Continental Sound, Continentals Slowakia, Continentals Hungary, Continentals Romania.
All rights to use names (The Continentals, Continental Singers, Young Continentals, Continental Kids), logo’s concepts return automaticly to the European owners: CME/Continental Sound.
When the court has decided CME will move forward for a new start with Continentals in Western Europe.
Leen La Rivière, chairman
+31 6 51384805


Thursday nov.13,2014 we had the national Zilveren Duif Awards (Dove Awards) in the Netherlands. This gala-ceremony-concerts is life on radio and on life-stream TV. These awards are given each year to the best album, best song, best new talent, etc. This happening is organised by the cooperation of radio, TV, publishers, records companies, music organizations, bookshops , copyright organizations, all with a christian identity. Here I had the remarkable experience that suddenly and unexpected I was called to the platform and to me was given the first ever Life Achievement Award of the Netherlands for my lifelong pioneer work in the world of music, arts and culture. I was totally speechless (and that gave big fun in the hall, as nobody has ever seen me totally surprised and searching for some words). The timing is perfect. This november I am 45 years professional in the arts, and before that 5 more years as semi-professional amateur.
Maybe nice to know.
I can write books full of stories about those 45 + 5 years. Anyway as you know, I have survived and stay active.
Soli Deo Gloria
Leen La Rivière

October 2013 - August 2014

What happened through this ministry:

1. Publications
Decided was not to publish any book this period. But we succeeded to get all lectures and concerts of the Christian Artists Seminar on the internet:

2. Special visits
Leen was main speaker in Austria at the ArtCross arts conference and at the ADD artists conference in France. He was special guest at the Opwekkingsconference, EO-Youth Day, etc. Visits were made to the Continental offices in Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Rotterdam. Visit was made to Adrian Snell: the launch of his new album (after 10 years). Continental Sound will work along with promoting and his copyrights. Leen was too in the jury of the Dove award Gospel awards

3. Special projects

  1. The magazine SIGNS came to an end, as new magazine was launched the magazine Sjofar with the same editorial staff of Signs.
  2. To and end came his chairmanship of the CNV Kunstenbond. But Leen remains to be chairman of the International Association of Christian Artists.
  3. Unfortunately we got problems with the annual subsidy of the Christian Artists Seminar. Decided was NOT to do this seminar in 2014, but shift it to 2015, sothat all aspects have the time to be cleared.
  4. Leen moved his offices out of the Continental Art Centre to his home.
  5. The TV series ’gebedshuis van de week’ was finished, 50 editions, were broadcasted and can all be seen on
  6. Launched was the website: a help to find in your artform coaches, who can guide you in your professional career.


It is the 42nd (!) Continental summer season (1970 was the first tourseason). So, there will be several tours of the Continentals on the road in Europe with a great NEW program : MERCY MATTERS; and of course a new CD and songbook. Just visit one of their concerts, see: And the Young Continentals will tour too in Europe with a great teenage ministry called: ALL POWER; and of course with a new CD and songbook. Just visit one of their concerts (and bring youth along), see:


5 Continental Kids groups are in training this summer. But all in dutch. From September they will do concerts each weekend. Booking for concerts starts now. They too have a great new program called: Speciale aanbieding. CD and songbook are available. More on:


Period June/July

Dutch: Finale, Bijbelse visie op muziek. This will be the 5th print(!)
Dutch: Kaf & Koren, total new edited version.
English: Creative Leadership (a very special studybook, based on 40 years of experience of Leen La Rivière).
Hungarian: Zene és Szolgátat, translation of Music & Ministry by Leen La Rivière.


Made possible by Continental Sound

  • A special website promoting the professional members of the Christian trade union in the arts & culture: CNV Kunst en Cultuur. It has articles, visual arts, music, performing arts, choirs/bands, etc. A great help to find you are looking for, in the field of special projects, expositions, concerts, etc. etc.
  • This website gives a special section of the members of CNV Kunst en Cultuur. These are all the members with official conservatorium diploma’s. A great help if you look for a director, musician, singers, private teacher, etc.
  • This website explains you everything in the field of copyrights, performing rights, visual arts rights, neighbouring rights, music rights, author rights, etc.


Happening soon, July 29- August 3

For the 32nd time this famous seminar will take place. And there is still the possibility to join. Great workshops in music (vocal, instruments, etc), visual arts (2D and 3D), performing arts (dance, theatre, mime etc), Media arts( writing, composing, films, internet, etc), talent avaluations, and so much more. Each night a spectacular concert. And key speakers show us the relevance of art & culture in the midst of the European crisis and purpose/meaning for Christians. Location: for the 2nd year: KSI, Bad Honnef (near Cologne/Köln), all info, subscription, etc, go to So come and become motivated, inspired, challenged…
Short Film:
A longer film:


  1. As we continue to support Continentals West Europe (operating from Rotterdam), Continentals Hungary (operating from Miskolc), Continental Romania (operating from Cluj-Napoca), Continentals Slovakia (operating from Bratislawa). Your financial help is needed to keep these great youth ministries going. Continental Sound is overseeing all these projects and pays research for the annual new programs, biblesyudies and such.
  2. With the collaps of Continental Ministries USA more work and responsabilities is coming to Continental Sound to fill the gap. One of the needed steps is to launch a new website about ‘Continental Ministries’.
  3. We are digitalising ALL the old LP’s of Continentals, New Hope, Wings of Light. More about this huge project soon.